For Architects

Drawings should look good and clear

Line wight is a simple thing to understand that makes a huge difference to drawings. Understand this principle and make your drawings cleare and more attractive.

Designing for your ears

Julian Treasure explains that because of poor acoustics, students in classrooms miss 50 percent of what their teachers say and patients in hospitals have trouble sleeping because they continually feel stressed.

Why Hire an architect?

Architects have unfortunately gained a reputation in recent years for being expensive, overly fussy, and being responsible for projects that run over time and over budget. Nothing could be further than the truth.

10 tips

This article was not written specifically for architects, but the most of the points are still very helpful to architects

Architecture can be a tough business

Architect Doug Patt shares some very valid points

Town planning is tough

Dealing with Town Planners moving targets and shifting goal posts can be a nightmare.

When Clients say you are expensive.

Enoch Sears shares his ideas for how to justify architects fees

For Students

Write Neatly

It’s amazing how many designers today have poor handwriting. Once upon a time the students of architecture were taught how to write like an architect

Draw people in perspective

Not easy, but quite cool if you can do it.

Be Well-Rounded.

Architect Taras Wolf shares his views on what helped him to establish his Melbourne based practice.

1 point perspective drawing

All architects should master this as a basic skill

Be good with your hands

The art of using one’s hands is a rarity among many professionals and in particular students and new comers to the architectural world.

Old school Versus New school

A short blog to ponder on this.

Architect & Car

Holger Schubert created his studio-garage space to appreciate his work-of-art BB 512i and built everything around it.

smallest to biggest

understand our size in comparison to the known universe.

For Dreamers

The Vehicle or the Horse

Before cars came along, some valued their horses more than just as a mode of transport, so beautiful stables were built for security and to care for the owner’s pride and joy. This tradition continues on today.

Basic guide to Architects

a simple explanation of what architects do, for someone with no idea at all.

Smart Kitchen innovations

A summary preview of where we are headed with Kitchen space design.

Can you design your own home?

We live in a time where everyone thinks they can design, but is it wise to design your home without an architect?

To be the Best.

The combination of artistic vision with scientific and practical expertise determines the quality of outcome and some architects perform better than others.

Space Colonization

A simple explanation and suggestion for space colonization. Good food for thought, as it’s certainly the right direction.

What gets better with Age?

There aren’t many things apart from certain wines that are perceived with the ability to improve with age.