Wolf Favourites

Iconic Bottle design

A whisky bottle that you could feel in the dark and recognize it instantly. Not many whisky bottles share this square shaped profile. But the design has so much more than just that

Synthesizer Art and Glamour

In 1987 Yamaha created something very special to celebrate the companys 100 year anniversary. Could this be the most rare , unique and beautiful synthesizer ever made?

Beautiful and intelligent

The designers at Mercedes-Benz are reconciling tradition and modernity in designing the cars for the future. Their work centres on “Sensual Purity” as an expression of modern luxury.

Aldi Milk sticks

We sampled this product a little pessimistic that it could replace our regular supply of Kinder chocolates. To our amazement it was delicious and has since become the WOLF chocolate snack of choice.

The pencil is timeless

At the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, this video for “Take on Me” won six awards. See why.

The Best in 1998

Paul Green is a professional Latin American Ballroom dancer who was regarded in his time as one of the best male dancers on the planet. This Cha Cha Cha routine he performed with Partner Karren Rufus over 20 years ago is still cool and timeless.

Modern Classic

This R107 SL Mercedes had a production run of 18 years, the longest production run of any sports Mercedes to date. See why.

Understanding Rolex

Last year, a vintage Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman was sold at auction for $17.8 million. Cara Barrett, editor at Hodinkee, fills us in on why Rolex’s are so pricey.

Bang & Olusen quality

A unique look inside the world of Bang & Olufsen production and test facilities – where the magic is made, and made to last.

First digital Synthesizer

Released in 1983, this digital synthesizer with its FM sound engine revolutionized the global music scene.

Masters of Product design

Yamaha express their design passion, through the conceptual keywords organically connecting whole Yamaha product design.

Architecture & Interiors

Connecting to Nature

We underestimate the power of Nature

Enjoy nature and gardening. Design with this appreciation,

House in Nature

Seattle-based architect Jim Olson designed this home at the age of 18. A 14-foot by 14-foot treetop house in Longbranch, Washington.

Award Winning

Seven years on this house is still as timeless as the day it was completed

Studio Mumbai

Its refreshing to see house filmed in without sunshine, music, or narrative. This is architecture expressed honestly.

Award Winning

Seven years on this house is still as timeless as the day it was completed

Ultimate dream home

The Bay view house is an example of what happens when a generous client combines with WOLF ARCHITECTS to create their dream home on a fantastic site with water and city views.

The Lego house

“Home of the Brick”, in Billund, Denmark, where the LEGO brick was invented. LEGO House is one of the main family attractions in Southern Denmark, with fun activities for children and adults of all ages. A must visit

A 1956 Icon

This 8 min film gives insight into what has commonly been regarded as the architects favorite lounge chair.

Sony TV design

Sony’s Bravia TV has been designed conceptually around interior architectural expressions of soft minimalism.

Architects choice of car

Daniel Monti discusses his car and house


Colour Pencil wall

Talented architects in Toronto know how to use their pencils. blackLABArchitects make use of 12,000 coloured pencils

Life size Lego Bugatti Chiron

Lego build a real life size car out of (mostly) Lego technic elements and it actually drives!!

How do you buy a Rolls Royce

Taking a look inside the Rolls-Royce Commissioning Suite, customers are provided with the power to create their very own car

Miniature Sculptures Carved From Pencil Tips

If you have the patience, skill and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this can be quite a lot of fun

until it's over

There is always a chance to win when you never give up

Gifts for Architects

Seven  Gadget toys to consider for the architect or designer person in your life, if you can find them.

Living the dream

Well done Mr Sittisan. You are living the Mercedes Pagoda dream in Thailand.


Watch what two guys can play live with Yamaha’s Flagship Workstation synthesizers. It’s a long way from the original DX7.

Was this the moment?

In 1983 Michael Jackson debut his hit song Billie Jean. A classic and beautifully choreographed performance that is as fresh and exciting today as it was over 3 decades ago. The Moonwalk was brought to the attention of the World defining this moment as when Michael became the King of Pop.

Best Graphic Design 2016

Members of the Graphic Design Jury at D&AD in 2016 provide insight into what makes them tick.

Mikiya Kobayashi

An exhibition that pushes your average playground equipment beyond average.

Wolf Architects specializes in high-end residential work and through this work has come to understand that it takes much more than having great grades and designs to be a  good architect. An Architect is a person able to process thousands of decisions necessary to solve a puzzle. That puzzle has traditionally been a building but in recent times this skill has been applicable in a broader sense. Many of the best architects today are engaged for their ability to provide solutions regardless of industry. A professional to see through confusion and provide clarity through processes of research, logic and creativity.

This website was established initially as a workshop/playground space for WOLF Architects to collect and share their ideals. It proves a valuable resource for current and joining members of the WOLF team as place to showcase the Wolf Standard and motivate it’s designers. This resource gives insight into the Wolf mindset and by sharing they hope it will help all architects, want-to-be architects or people who just love design.

This website represents the look, feel and humor of WOLF and by no means seeks to be a comprehensive or definitive resource. Thus if you have something interesting to share we would love to hear from you and even showcase it on this website.