Architecture is an understanding of life and how the built environment affects our well-being. WOLF Architects is a Melbourne based architectural practice that places the well-being of the client at the core of their design approach. They firmly believe that good design principles and philosophies are applicable in a broader sense. A dream home can only frame or be framed by a dream life, which makes it important for each individual to define their own universe and be a master of it.

This is a place to share what we value and provide an insight into the designers mind and eye. In this space we expect useful information and inspiration for anyone interested in architectural practice or design in general.


The Vehicle or the Horse

Before cars came along, some valued their horses more than just as a mode of transport, so beautiful stables were built for security and to care for the owner’s pride and joy.

Write Neatly

It’s amazing how many designers today have poor handwriting. Once upon a time the students of architecture were taught how to write like an architect

Drawings should look good and clear

Line wight is a simple thing to understand that makes a huge difference to drawings. Understand this principle and make your drawings cleare and more attractive.

Basic guide to Architects

a simple explanation of what architects do, for someone with no idea at all.

When Clients say you are expensive.

Enoch Sears shares his ideas for how to justify architects fees

Segment from the Lost interview

25 seconds of wisdom from the King of Martial Arts.

Design secrets

Tony Fedell is an inventor and designer well known for his involvement with the I pod. He reveals some of his secrets to designing

Thoughts produce actions

Melbourne Architect Taras discusses his ideal mindset

4 Bits Of Design Wisdom

67 years after its original publication, his slender book is still crucial reading for anyone passionate about design. Here you will find Paul Rand’s 4 Most Enduring Bits Of Design Wisdom.

Sketch with Markers

An extremely effective and fast way to add colour and realism.

Design in the future

LG share a brilliant depiction of how our future is likely to be shaped by screen technology. Architects will think in a completely new way.

Connecting to Nature

We underestimate the power of Nature

Enjoy nature and gardening. Design with this appreciation,

Iconic Bottle design

A whisky bottle that you could feel in the dark and recognize it instantly. Not many whisky bottles share this square shaped profile. But the design has so much more than just that

Masters of Product design

Yamaha express their design passion, through the conceptual keywords organically connecting whole Yamaha product design.

Beautiful and intelligent

The designers at Mercedes-Benz are reconciling tradition and modernity in designing the cars for the future. Their work centres on “Sensual Purity” as an expression of modern luxury.

Wolf Architects established their reputation with innovative contemporary high-end residential architecture. This body of work represents millions of decisions and problem solving. Traditionally such processes manifest as buildings but in reality are skills applicable in a broader sense. Many of the best architects today are engaged for their ability to provide solutions regardless of industry. A professional to see through confusion with clarity through processes of research, logic and creativity.

This website was established initially as the practices workshop/playground space. It proves a valuable resource and a place to showcase the Wolf Standard and motivate Wolf Architects. This resource gives insight into the Wolf mindset and by sharing they hope it will help all architects, want-to-be architects or people who just love design.

Disclaimer: This website by no means seeks to be a authoritative, comprehensive or definitive resource. Thus if you have something interesting to share we would love to hear from you and even showcase it on this website.